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[Welland Telegraph, 3 March 1876]

Yesterday a rather interesting trial was held here before Justice Daniel Willson. John Dunigan and Abraham Hendershot, Messrs. Alex. Griffith, Jos. McCallum, J.V. Strawn and Wm. Buchner were arraigned on a charge of furious driving on our public streets on Tuesday last. Joseph McMurray bid the information. Mr. Griffith was the first one called up for trial. Considerable evidence was adduced, the bulk of which went to show that the above mentioned gentlemen were out examining their horses and were driving at the rate of about eight miles an hour. Five witnesses were heard for the prosecution and six for the defence. As the fact of furious driving was not established, the case was dismissed. As the same evidence applied to all the parties, the whole of the cases were thus disposed of. Attorney Gilchriese appeared on behalf of the prosecution and A. Williams, Esq., for the defendant. Who pays the costs?

  1. On 12 August 2011, Elaine Anderson Said,

    Alexander Griffith would be my mother’s great uncle. He went on to become the mayor of Welland. He and his brother John were colourful characters, perhaps even eccentric. Both owned harness shops and loved horses. There are lots of stories in the local papers about both men.

  2. On 25 January 2015, Anna Said,

    Anybody know where John Dunigan was living when this happened?

  3. On 3 June 2017, Tara Browner Said,

    John Dunigan was my ggg grandfather, and living in Fonthill. Now I know where the family propensity for fast driving came from.

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