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[The Welland-Port Colborne Evening Tribune, 31 December 1931]

Only a brief illness preceded the death of Dr. S. Nixon Davis of Welland who passed away yesterday and it was a shock to his friends to realize that his genial presence would be known no more. Dr. Davis was a well known and popular citizen. His professional activities brought him in contact with a large section of the community but he was also a leading figure in the political sphere by reason of his position as president of the Welland City Liberal Association. He took an active interest in the administration of the county hospital and was associated with various organizations for the advancement of community life in the city.

Dr. Davis was a man with a mind of his own. It was this positive feature of his character that made him capable of accomplishment and his influence was invariably felt in the circles where his interests lay. But he possessed a cheerful disposition and a kindly heart which endeared him to many.

His devotion to duty was expressed not only by his attention to the demands of his profession but by his public service and his ready response to his country’s call following the outbreak of the Great War.

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