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Henry Cronmiller, Port Colborne

[Souvenir of the Town of Welland, Issued August 22, 1902 by the Welland Telegraph, Sears & Sawle , Publishers]

One of the most enterprising and progressive citizens and business men of Welland county, and who practically exemplified the self-made man, is Mr. Henry Conmiller, senior member of the Cronmiller & White Brewing Co., of Port Colborne. Mr Cronmiller was born n the township of Bertie, County of Welland, in 1829, his parents being natives of Alstace, one of the provinces so long in dispute between Germany and France, The subject of this sketch obtained an education through public schools of his native county, laboring on a farm in the meantime. In 1850, he married Miss Caroline Weidman of Humberstone, and continued farming on his own account until 1873, when he disposed of his farm to engage in the grain business. In 1875, he, in company with Mr. T.F. White. purchased the brewery of Mr. Jacob North, at Port Colborne, and has since been a resident of that town. Socially, Mr Cronmiller is of the highest standard in the esteem not only of the townspeople, but by all who know him throughout the county. Politically, he is a Conservative, of broad and progressive sentiment, ever alive to the constituency and interests of the community in which he resides, and as such, has in the past, been honored by the community. He was for ten years treasurer of the township of Humberstone, and since becoming a resident of Port Colborne, has been honored by membership in the town council for several terms, as also for a number of years in the past serving as reeve, the latter entitling him to membership in the County Council. He was also Warden of the  county in 1898, and at the recent Provincial elections was the standard bearer of the Conservative party for the county of Welland. He made a splendid run, and reduced the majority of 262, of the Government candidate, to 112. Regarding the business in which he is interested,he is the president at the Cronmiller & White Brewing Co., Mr T.F.  White being the manager and treasurer Like Mr Cronmiller Mr White is a self-made man, he having been born in Humberstone, his father having been one of the first German settlers of that township. He followed the business of blacksmithing until 1875, when he became associated with Mr Cronmiller in the brewing business, which on May last was merged into the Cronmiller & White Brewing Co.

  1. On 26 January 2018, Fred Davies Said,

    The history described here may be incorrect. I believe it was Jacques “Jacob” North who moved to Port Colborne from Alsace-Lorraine in 1855, not Henry Cronmiller. Secondly, T.F. White was Henry Cronmiller’s son in law and was indeed a blacksmith. Henry bought the brewery in 1875 for $12,000 and started the Cronmiller & White Brewing and Malting Company Limited.

  2. On 31 January 2018, B Said,

    Morning Fred

    Thank you for this correction. They even got the facts incorrect back then. :) B

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