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[Welland Tribune, 10 September 1897]

Died, August 13, Phoebe Gainer, beloved with of the late Wm. Palmer of Burlingame, Kansas, formerly a resident of Oxford Co., in the 75th year of her age.

The above is the sister of Jacob and John Gainer of Welland county. She was born in Pelham on Jan. 1, 1822; was married in the year 1843 to Wm. S. Palmer and in December, 1878, they removed to Burlingame, Kansas, where they have since resided. She was sick about two weeks. The very warm weather and old age combined brought on a low fever, and in spite of all that loving hands could do, God took her to himself. She was a birthright member to the Society of Friends. She has swerved neither to the right not to the left from the faith of their fathers, but lived a life of patience and fidelity to her family, her friends and her God. Truly we can say, she has gone to her reward. She was conscious to the last, and recognized each one as they came to her bedside. Her last hours will be precious to the memory of her children, as they gathered about her and each received a kiss and silent blessing. She will be greatly missed in the neighborhood, as in time of sickness she was a comfort and help. She will be missed in the meeting at Emporia, which she frequently attended, and she leaves a vacancy in the home that can never be filled. The funeral was conducted by the meeting to which she belonged and was largely attended by friends from Emporia. “She is not dead, but sleepeth.” Surely they are blessed who sleep in the Lord.

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