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Dexter David Hoover (1857-1939)

[Compiled by S.]

Dexter David Hoover was the son of Elias and Minerva Guiline (Bradshaw) Hoover. Grandson of David Bradshaw of Pelham, one of the early pioneers of the county.

Dexter D, Hoover was born September 4, 1857 in Port Colborne. He married Frederica Frances Wilson, born March 26, 1859. She was the daughter of John Wilson and Mary( Hobson) Wilson, granddaughter of Robert Hobson, late sheriff of Welland. The marriage took place December 2, 1883 in Niagara Falls, New York.

They resided at 97 West Main St. Welland.

Dexter was involved in horse racing, also purchased the Dexter House and later was a grocer.

Dexter and Frederica Hoover had four children:

The first child was Elias Grant Warren Hoover born September 2, 1885 in Welland. Elias immigrated   to Buffalo about  1908 with his wife Maud.

Elias was a bartender in Buffalo. In 1920 he was listed as a steel inspector at a steel plant in Buffalo and by 1930 was an insurance agent in Buffalo.

Elias Grant and Maud Hoover had one child Charles E. Hoover.

The second child of  was Gretchen Hoover born August 7, 1889. She is located elsewhere on this website.

The third child of Dexter D. and Frederica was  Mary Gladys Hoover born July 1, 1897 in Welland.

Mary Gladys was a bank clerk. She married George Henry Bradshaw, born in 1891 in Stratford Ontario. He was an electrician.

They were married August 23, 1920 in Welland. He resided in Toronto and is buried at Woodlawn cemetery in Welland.

The fourth child of Dexter D. and Frederica was John Garcia Hoover, born December 2, 1898.

John Garcia died September 5, 1917 of spinal meningitis.

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Hoover, John Garcia--098

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Hoover, John Garcia--096

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