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[Welland Telegraph 1904/05]

Son of the late John Misener, who died in January, 1901, was born in the Township of Wainfleet, on February 19th, 1867, where he has always lived and followed the occupation of farming. He was educated in the public school and the St. Catharines College of Commerce, where he received a diploma on graduation in 1891. It was in the same year that he was elected to serve as councillor in the township council. He held the reeveship in 1893-4-5and was thus a County Councillor, being probably the youngest man Welland ever had in that position. In 1895 he came within one vote of attaining the Wardenship, though he did not seek that position. In that year he held the chairmanship in the Industrial Home Committee. Mr. Misener was a promoter, and is today a stockholder in the Fork’s Road Natural Gas Co., and was instrumental in starting the Fenwick Company in 1902, in which he is still interested. In politics he is a staunch Conservative, at the present time serving the second term as president of the Liberal-Conservative Association of the electoral district of Monck.


[Welland Telegraph, 1904/05]

Richard Harcourt, M.A., M.P.P., was born in Seneca township, county of Haldimand, on March 17, 1849. In 1870 he took his M.A. degree at Toronto University, and in1871 he was appointed school inspector of Haldimand. Five years later he took up law with a Toronto firm, and in 1878 began his practice in Welland. The same year he was elected as a Liberal to fill a vacancy in Monck, and has held the constituency ever since. In August of 1890, he entered Sir Oliver Mowat’s cabinet as Provincial Treasurer, and afterwards took the portfolio of Minister of Education, which he now holds. He is conceded to be one of the ablest public man of the day.


[Welland Telegraph 1904/05]

Was born in Crowland Township on October 3rd, 1827. His main business has been farming, but other matters have engaged his attention.  In early life he underwent Normal School Training and for a time was engaged in teaching. Later on he was Township Clerk for a number of years. He was mainly instrumental in establishing a Post Office at Brookfield Station, of which he was Postmaster for a time. He has acted as executor and trustee for some important estates, and was collector of customs at Fort Erie for about seven years. He is a Conservative in politics and was the standard bearer for his party in the Dominion elections of 1874, his opponent being the late Wm. A. Thomson, by whom he was defeated. He was subsequently offered the nomination for the Ontario Legislature which he declined.



[Welland Telegraph 1904]

Robert Cooper was born in the township of Wainfleet, in September, 1852. He is a son of David Cooper who at that time owned a grist mill and farm near Marshville. In 1860 David Cooper moved to Welland and purchased the Aqueduct Mills which he ran until 1878, when the government took the land upon they stood to build the aqueduct. Robert was in the mill with his father until that time. For the next six years he was absent from the county, spending a year in California on his wedding trip. Returning to Welland he started a flour and feed business, which he carried on intermittently until two years ago when he built the Riverside Mills, one of the most prosperous industries in the county. Mr. Cooper served four years in the town council and in 1891 was elected deputy-reeve. The same year he was appointed County Clerk, which position he holds at the present time. He has been a successful businessman and an excellent official.



[Welland Telegraph 1904]

Was born in the Township of Wainfleet, Welland County, on April 19th, 1860, the son of the late Robt. Hay. He moved to Thorold Township in 1896 where he served two years in the Township Council. In the fall of 1900 he moved to the Town of Thorold where he served two years in the Town Council. He is at the present a member of the Public School Board. Mr. Hay has a large meat business in Thorold, is a member of the Methodist church and in politics is a Conservative.

HAY- At 17 Ormond street, North, Thorold, on Tuesday afternoon, October 1st, 1940, George William Hay, beloved husband of the late Martha Jean Stewart, in his 81st year. The funeral will be held on Friday, October 4th from his late residence at 2 p.m., (D.S.T.) thence to United church, Thorold, for service at 2.30. Interment in Fonthill cemetery.

The Welland-Port Colborne Evening Tribune
2 October 1940

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Dexter David Hoover (1857-1939)

[Compiled by S.]

Dexter David Hoover was the son of Elias and Minerva Guiline (Bradshaw) Hoover. Grandson of David Bradshaw of Pelham, one of the early pioneers of the county.

Dexter D, Hoover was born September 4, 1857 in Port Colborne. He married Frederica Frances Wilson, born March 26, 1859. She was the daughter of John Wilson and Mary( Hobson) Wilson, granddaughter of Robert Hobson, late sheriff of Welland. The marriage took place December 2, 1883 in Niagara Falls, New York.

They resided at 97 West Main St. Welland.

Dexter was involved in horse racing, also purchased the Dexter House and later was a grocer.

Dexter and Frederica Hoover had four children:

The first child was Elias Grant Warren Hoover born September 2, 1885 in Welland. Elias immigrated   to Buffalo about  1908 with his wife Maud.

Elias was a bartender in Buffalo. In 1920 he was listed as a steel inspector at a steel plant in Buffalo and by 1930 was an insurance agent in Buffalo.

Elias Grant and Maud Hoover had one child Charles E. Hoover.

The second child of  was Gretchen Hoover born August 7, 1889. She is located elsewhere on this website.

The third child of Dexter D. and Frederica was  Mary Gladys Hoover born July 1, 1897 in Welland.

Mary Gladys was a bank clerk. She married George Henry Bradshaw, born in 1891 in Stratford Ontario. He was an electrician.

They were married August 23, 1920 in Welland. He resided in Toronto and is buried at Woodlawn cemetery in Welland.

The fourth child of Dexter D. and Frederica was John Garcia Hoover, born December 2, 1898.

John Garcia died September 5, 1917 of spinal meningitis.

Hoover, John Garcia–098

Hoover, John Garcia--098

Hoover, John Garcia–097

Hoover, John Garcia--097

Hoover, John Garcia–096

Hoover, John Garcia--096