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One Hundred Years 1837-1937 in Business

—Celebrated by The Fonthill Nurseries.

[Wellington & Davidson, Fonthill, Ontario]

The Nurseries

Horticulture in Canada, in the year 1837, was rather primitive. Yet the pioneers who settled this country were both thrifty and cultured, with the result that fruit trees and plants to ensure a food supply, and trees and shrubs for beautification, early became a normal requirement.

One Hundred Years ago this year, therefore—a long span indeed for any business to survive the rigors of a comparatively new country—a Nursery enterprise was started in a small way by Samuel Taylor, at the lovely little Village of Fonthill, in the county of Welland.

Although utilizing an area of 100 acres, Mr Taylor’s venture did little but give the nursery idea form, and the business soon passed into other hands. The new form was a partnership, Messrs. D’Everardo and Page, both pioneer names in the district; and the former, recognized as a leader in practically all departments of the young community’s life, actually became the founder of “The Fonthill Nurseries”

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Dr Jehoida Wesley Schooley (1837-1907)

Dr. J.W. Schooley was the first doctor to practice in Welland. He was born in 1837  Bertie township.

Asa Schooley, Dr. Schooley’s grandfather came to Canada from New Jersey in 1788 as United Empire Loyalist. Asa was given a crown grant of 200 acres, located where Cherry Hill Golf course is . His son Benjamin married and had 12 children, one of whom became a doctor. Dr. J.W. Schooley was born March 29,1837. He became a teacher, taught in Port Colborne, Gravelly Bay, Drummondville High School and became an inspector of schools. In 1858

He entered Medical school in Toronto, also attended medical school in Vermont, returned to medical school in Toronto and graduated in 1863. He came to Welland, then spent 18 months practicing medicine in Minnesota. In 1863 Welland had about 900 residents.

In 1863 Dr. Schooley married Sarah E. Baxter, born in 1837, from Bertie. They had two daughters. Elizabeth born 1868 and Maude born February 17, 1872.

Elizabeth J. Schooley married William James Elliott June 13, 1896 in Welland. He was a lawyer, they settled in Toronto.

Alice Maude Schooley married Edwin Norton Gunsanlus July 6, 1910. He was a member of the United States Consulate.

An adopted son, Roy Dunlop Schooley born April 13, 1889. He married Flora M. Schooley born in Pennsylvania in 1887. In 1930 they were living in Pennsylvania.

Dr. J.W. Schooley served on the public and high school boards, he was a coroner,  medical officer of health and physician to the Welland county jail.

He had an assistant Dr. J. Kennedy in 1877 and then joined by Dr. Burgar.

1899-1902 Dr, Schooley was an examiner for colleges of physicians and surgeons.

In 1879 Dr Schooley lived at 33 Fraser St. Welland. He built the Schooley Apartments on Division Street where he lived and practiced.

Dr. J.W. Schooley died June 4, 1907 in Welland of dilatation of the heart. His wife Sarah E. Baxter Schooley died May 26, 1907. She had paralysis. They died 9 days apart.

They are buried in Fairview Cemetery in Niagara Falls.

[Welland Tribune 1892]

Dr. Schooley—office and residence on Division street, Welland. Next east of Commercial Hotel. Specialties—Diseases of women and diseases of the chest.

[Welland Tribune 1903]

Dr. Schooley—office and residence , Division street, first door east of Roach’s hotel, Welland. Specialties: Diseases of women and diseases of the chest.