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The Canallers

[Buffalo Gazette, January 27, 1844]

We are gratified to learn from Port Robinson, that an armistice has been concluded between the beligerent factions, with some prospect of a permanent peace. Both bind themselves to give up their arms, amounting in all, we are told, to nearly 700 stand, and to give information of all riotously disposed persons to the proper officers. If the terms of the armistice are faithfully adhered to, we shall have no more canal riots to chronicle.


[Buffalo Gazette, June 8, 1844]

We regret to learn Capt. Pickering of the schr. Columbia, committed suicide by cutting his throat in No. 8 lock of the Welland Canal on Sunday last. No cause is assigned for the act other than that he was unable to get his vessel through the lock. He has left a wife and four children. The mate of the Columbia had his leg broken the day previous. Capt. Pickering was extensively known on the lakes, and is reported to have been a man of high moral character, whose death will be sincerely regretted.