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Dr Harry Lloyd Emmett (1881-1933)

Dr. Harry Lloyd Emmett was born February 18, 1881. He graduated from University of Toronto in 1908. In 1909 he came to Fonthill to practice with his father, Dr. James Orin Emmett.

Dr. Harry Emmett married Effie Lovina Cook, from Mount Forest. They married January 11,1915.

Their children were James Cook Emmett born November 6, 1917. He married in 1941. He became a medical doctor and practiced in Hamilton and Toronto.

He died November 2 1982 in Dundas.

A daughter Mary Alice Emmett was born in 1921.

Effie Lovina Cook Emmett died July 16, 1925 at the age of 35. Had a heart attack and drowned while bathing.

Dr. Harry Lloyd Emmett married Lelia Victoria Strong, a teacher from Wainfleet, age 24. They married September 28, 1926.

Dr Harry Lloyd Emmett was interested in community improvements. He helped beautify the Fonthill cemetery and bring waterworks to Fonthill.

Dr Emmett died December 16, 1933 age 53, of influenza. His practice was taken over by Dr. Jordan.