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Dr James Orin Emmett (1843-1914)

Dr. Emmett was born April 11, 1843 in the township of Grantham He was the son of James and Elizabeth Dolson Emmett. They were United Empire Loyalists. His grandfather Stephen Emmett came to Canada in 1780 from Delaware during the American Revolution. and settled in the village of Homer in Grantham township.

Dr. Emmett attended the St Catharines Collegiate, from high school he went to New York College of Homeopathy for three years and graduated with an M.D. in 1865.

After a year  in Bellview Hospital in New York he returned to Canada and settled in Fonthill in May 1865.

He boarded with the John Gore family He married Catharine Gore , who was born August 1844. They married January 1867.

His home and office were located in separate buildings on Canboro Road, site of the previous Dr. Jordan home. The office was a two storey brick building which was later moved to Port Robinson Road, first home on north side of the road, just east of Pelham St. The building still stands today.

Dr Emmett shared his office with his wife’s uncle Joseph Gore. He was a cabinet maker and manufactured coffins.

Dr. Emmett had four daughters and two sons. He was in the mason fraternity, reeve of Pelham and farmed as well. Dr. Emmett owned a farm along South Pelham St., the location of College St and Emmett through to Port Robinson Road. He grew grapes.

Dr Emmett’s children were: Grace Emmett born 1872, she married Arthur Rowe from Watertown New York, he was a bookkeeper. They married April 1906 in Welland.

Florence Emmett was born 1874, married Fred Kinsman, a merchant and post master in Fonthill.

Kate Muriel Emmett was born in 1885 married Frank Caulie Pitkin, he was a nursery worker. They married September 8, 1904.

Mabel E. Emmett born  January 15, 1868, married John McClellan.

Herbert Northcote Emmett was born May 13, 1878, he went to United States.

Harry Emmett was born February 18, 1881, he became a medical doctor.

Dr. James Emmett practiced homeopathy. During the diphtheria epidemic in 1910 in Fonthill, his son Dr. Harry Emmett returned to assist his father. Dr. Harry Emmett introduced diphtheria antiserum. They practiced together for five years until the death of his father. Dr Harry Emmett continued the practice until his death in 1933.

Dr James Emmett died April 30, 1914 at the age of 71. He was buried in the family plot in the Fonthill cemetery. His wife Katharine Elizabeth Emmett died July 29, 1915.


[Welland Tribune, 15 January 1914]

Hurschea Swick died this afternoon at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Del Swick, Muir street. Deceased, who weighed 325 lbs., was the last of three brothers whose combined weight was half a ton. This, indirectly, was the cause of their death. Deceased, who was about 30 years of age, suffered from dropsy. Hurschea was a familiar figure. For some time he had been motorman on the street railway, where his unusual size was very noticeable. He was well liked by many friends. The funeral will be held under auspices of the Orange order, of which deceased was a member.