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One Hundred Years 1837-1937 in Business

—Celebrated by The Fonthill Nurseries.

[Wellington & Davidson, Fonthill, Ontario]

The Nurseries

Horticulture in Canada, in the year 1837, was rather primitive. Yet the pioneers who settled this country were both thrifty and cultured, with the result that fruit trees and plants to ensure a food supply, and trees and shrubs for beautification, early became a normal requirement.

One Hundred Years ago this year, therefore—a long span indeed for any business to survive the rigors of a comparatively new country—a Nursery enterprise was started in a small way by Samuel Taylor, at the lovely little Village of Fonthill, in the county of Welland.

Although utilizing an area of 100 acres, Mr Taylor’s venture did little but give the nursery idea form, and the business soon passed into other hands. The new form was a partnership, Messrs. D’Everardo and Page, both pioneer names in the district; and the former, recognized as a leader in practically all departments of the young community’s life, actually became the founder of “The Fonthill Nurseries”

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