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D.W Lathrop Named Head of War Stamp Drive Among Local Plant Employes

{Welland Tribune, Tuesday, October 28, 1941}

Requests for War Savings Certificates pledge cards and increase cards indicate that some employers are proceeding with what is expected of them in the current War Weapons Drive, T.J. Richardson, secretary of the Welland-Crowland War Savings Committee stated today.

This desire of employers and employes to co-operate was encouraging, but, Mr. Richardson declared it could not be stressed too strongly that to make the drive successful it was necessary to secure the cooperation of merchants and small businesses in the payroll deduction plan and through bank pledges the co-operation of those having bank accounts. Canvassers, he stated, could do only part of the job; success of the drive depended on the co-operation of the general public.

At the start of the second week of the War Weapons Drive in which Welland has  pledged one fighter plane a month, which in terms of cash is $50,000 a month, the objective still to be attained is $20,000. To attain this objective it will be necessary not only to secure new pledges but also an increase averaging 20 per cent in the amounts pledged in the last drive.

Mr. Richardson announced today that D.W. Lathrop, vice-president and sales manager of Atlas Steels Ltd. has accepted the chairmanship of the industrial division of the drive succeeding H.K. Smith, of the Plymouth Cordage Company, who tendered his resignation due to  pressure of business. Mr. Smith, whose activities during the last drive were to a large extent responsible for the success of the first War Savings Certificates drive offered, however to lend whatever assistance he could to the new chairman.

The objective of the industrial division is to secure 1,500 new pledges at least $6,000 a month and also to have pledgers purchasing certificates through the payroll deduction plan in the various industries increase their pledges by an average of 20 per cent. It is suggested that if each employe now purchasing certificates increased their pledges by 50 cents a week the objective would be attained.

First Welland Woman to Receive Notice

{Welland Tribune  1941}

Miss Verna Lane is the first Welland woman to be called for service with the Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and leaves on December 13th to report for duty in Toronto. Miss Lane enlisted with the Women’s Volunteer Reserve Corps when it was organized last April and has been a faithful and diligent worker in the corps.

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs John Lane, 84 Major Street, Miss Lane was born in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, Engl., in 1917, and came to Canada and to Welland with her parents in 1923. She was educated at Central school and on graduation from the Welland High and Vocational school secured employment with the Empire Cotton Mills Ltd., where she has worked for the past seven years.

Miss Lane has been active in Cub activities and also a prominent member of the A.Y.P.A.