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[The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 5 February 1924]

News That He had Escaped The Rope Received With Indifference by Herschell Stewart

Official announcement of the reprieve and the sentence to life imprisonment of Herschell Stewart now lying in the county jail was received by Harry W. Macoomb, solicitor for the accused, and Sheriff V.L. Davidson late Thursday. The former received a telegram from Thomas Mulvey, Under Secretary of State, which read, “His Excellency, the Governor-General has commuted to life imprisonment the death sentence passed on Herschell Stewart.”

Word to Stewart that he would not hang was conveyed to him by Governor Kottmeir. The prisoner expressed no surprise and maintained the same indifference that marked his arrest and trial.

It is understood that Stewart will be operated upon as soon as his is removed to his Majesty’s Prison. He is at present in a poor state of health. The accused was to be hanged on Thursday.

FOOTNOTE by WellandHistory.ca: There is no record in the local newspaper about the death of little Nelson Lloyd Dunsford Stewart. Nelson died of pneumonia. His mother, Lilian, is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Welland.

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