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Husband Killed her, Then Turned Gun on Self

Married Only Two Years

Murdered Woman was Sister of Mrs. Lambert, in Distress Last Winter

              Herschel Stewart, a non-working resident of Allanburg, on Thursday morning shot and killed his wife as she lay in bed. Beside her was her baby, born on May 24th.

             He then shot himself over the right hip. He was taken to the county hospital and will fully recover, it is expected.

             The dead woman is a sister of the Mrs. Lambert who was found living with her young family in a shack in the woods near Allanburg and who recently returned to England.

             At 6:10 o’clock, Provincial Constables George Jorgensen and Chief Collins were notified by Coroner Dr. Herod that a murder had been committed. Both constables were at the Stewart residence within half an hour and found the woman lying on the bed. Beside her was her baby, which was born on May 24th. The husband was also lying beside his wife, having shot himself over the right hip.

             The incision on the woman’s stomach showed that the shot had proved fatal, immediately it struck the body. The bed and floor were saturated with blood though the man appeared to be ignorant of anything having happened.

             On the arrival of the constables and after been warned by the officers that any statement he made would be used against him, Stewart at once acknowledged that he had killed his wife.

             The couple were married only a short two years ago, Mrs. Stewart being in her 22nd year.

             Several people were residing in the house at the time that the murder was committed, including Stewart’s father and mother and two brothers. None of them were able to tell the direct cause of the shooting. After being examined by Dr. Herod, Stewart was removed to the Welland County Hospital, where his condition is not considered dangerous.

             The 12-gauge shotgun which was used by Stewart was also found in the bedroom. No attempt was made to hide the weapon.

             The remains were left at the Stewart home in Thorold Township, near Allanburg, where a post-mortem was held on Tuesday afternoon and an inquest ordered by the Coroner. The jury after viewing the remains adjourned to meet again at Allanburg next Monday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock.

             After examining the shotgun the constables were of the opinion that only two shots had been fired-the one which killed the woman and the one which Stewart aimed at himself.

             The jury is as follows: Charles Upper, foreman; W.T. O’Reilly, Robert Corey, John Huffa, William Chambers, Bert Chambers, Hugh Bouck, Bruce Bouck, James Rees, Raymond Skinner, Archie Pay, Harry Theal.

             The husband, according to the Thorold police, has been so jealous of his wife that he declined to leave the house. He had refused to go to work and his parents had complained to the police about his idleness.

             At the Welland County Hospital it was stated by Dr. Reeves that Stewart would live. X-ray photographs were taken of his wound, showing that the bullet entered the right side and penetrated the abdominal wall. Stewart is a well-developed man of great physical strength and well equipped to withstand the shock. He has been conscious since his admittance to the hospital. County Constable J.B. Stephens is guarding the man.

 The Welland Tribune and Telegraph

14 June 1923

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