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Works by Louis Blake Duff

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The journey of the printing press across Canada. by Louis Blake Duff. 1937.

The romance of our place—names; a series of eight radio addresses..February 20 to April 10, 1934, station CKTB, St Catharines;  by Louis Blake Duff, 1934.

Names are pegs to hang history on. by Louis Blake Duff, 1926.

Muddiman, the first editor. by Louis Blake Duff, 1925.

Address to weekly newspaper editors on May 27, 1944 at Niagara Falls, Ontario by Louis Blake Duff, 1944.

John Brown at the battle of the Plains of Abraham. by Louis Blake Duff, 1927.

The county kerchief by Louis Blake Duff, 1949.

A study in vanity by Louis Blake Duff, 1952.

Samuel Chandler of St. Johns by Louis Blake Duff, 1938.

Amazing story of the Winghamite secretary of Louis Riel. by Louis Blake Duff, 1955.

Crowland by Louis Blake Duff, 1928.

The beginnings of the newspaper in Canada by Louis Blake Duff, 1929

The immortal memory; an address before the Burns literary society of Toronto, January 25, 1944 by Louis Blake Duff, 1945.

Papers and Records, Welland County Historical Society, 5v, 1924.

Address by Louis Blake Duff given at a dinner by Stephen Leacock memorial association on the occasion of the unveiling of a bronze bust of Stephen Leacock by Elizabeth Wyn Wood, Orillia public library, Friday, 14th September, 1951.

Sam Johnston: smuggler, soldier and bearer of news. By Louis Blake Duff, 1926.

Burnaby by Louis Blake Duff, 1926.

Huron Road centennial by Louis Blake Duff,1928.

Jane Susan Duff—her book by Louis Blake Duff, 1940.

Burnaby by Louis Blake Duff, 1927.

A shepherd’s crook on the hills of St. Johns by Louis Blake Duff, 1952.

Nihon no koika gyorui= Cyprinid Fishes of History of Cyprinid of Japan by Louis Blake Duff.

Hundredth Anniversary of Trinity Church, Chippawa by Louis Blake Duff, 1921.

Trinity Church, Chippawa 1820-1920: Hundredth Anniversary by Louis Blake Duff, 1920.

Good will in Fields of Peace by Louis Blake Duff, 1941.

From a Doss-house to Parnassus by Louis Blake Duff, 1934.

The Earliest Canadian Travel Books by Louis Blake Duff, 1935.

Louis Blake Duff Papers, 1932.

Correspondence with Prof. Norman J. Endicott, by J. Kemp Waldie, Norman Endicott, Louis Blake Duff, 1942.

As it Appears to Us by Louis Blake Duff, Lee F. Heacock, Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce, 1928.

Louis Blake Duff: A Neglected Icon in Canada’s Print History by Peter Saracino.

Devil’s Artisan #54, Spring/Summer 2004

We think it’s so: being an assortment of editorial opinions from the Times-Review of Fort Erie, 1941.

The Vanished Village of the Shorthills by Louis Blake Duff, Canadian Historical Review, v13n3, 251-257., 1932.

Local Historical Societies: The problems and Opportunities of Canadian Historical Societies by Louis Blake Duff. Canadian Historical Review v13n3, 251-257, 1932.

The lost Lincoln order by William J. McCulloch, Louis Blake Duff, Nathaniel Benson, Lincoln Fellowship of Hamilton Ont. Meeting, 1957.

Robert Browning by Edward Dowden, Louis Blake Duff, 1904.

Louis Blake Duff Papers, 1932-1953.

Tourist and historical supplement by Louis Blake Duff, 1937.

The Printer of the Jesuit “Relations” by Louis Blake Duff, article Colophon v2 no2, 33-41, 1936

Welland Ship Canal by Louis Blake Duff, 1930.

The Greatest Englishman of history: an address by Arthur Meighen, Louis Blake Duff, 1954.

Die fruhesten canadischen reisebeschreibungen. By Louis Blake Duff, Herberth E. Herlitschka 1935

Thje buk ov samz: in Mikmak by Silas Tertius Rand; Louis Blake Duff.

College life: Dr. R. Tait McKenzie, OAC Review, v40, no 7, Mar 1928, p.245-246. By Louis Blake Duff; Tait McKenzie.

Literary section: H.M.S Pinafore/ Tom Bell, OAC Review, v45, no.5 Feb 1932, p. 292-294. By Louis Blake Duff and others..

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