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[Welland Tribune, 31 January 1908]

To the Welland Tribune:

Mr. Editor- Dear Sir,-Please find enclosed $1.50 for the Tribune and Press for one year. This is the twenty-first year I have sent for the Tribune.

We are having a fine winter here: have had no snow nor rain since last October. On January 11th there was plowing done in the south west part of this state. This is my twenty-fifth year here and I never saw such a winter as this is. Crops were good here last year and prices good. Wheat has sold here as high as $1.10 per bushel; barley was up to 98c per bush, oats 50c per bush, corn 65c, potatoes 60c, wild hay sells from $5 to $6 per ton, flax $1.18 per bushel. Land is selling around here from $25 to $65 per acre; one 320 acre farm was sold last fall for $65 per acre, five miles from Aberdeen. I own 800 acres of land here, 6 miles from Aberdeen, which I rent. We threshed 7250 bushels of grain off 460 acres, this last year; over 5000 of that was wheat and flax. Our threshing bill was $500.

Aberdeen has over 8000 population and is a good railroad centre. The city paved one mile of street and this coming summer will do more. Property in the city is very high and rent also, most any kind of a house will rent for $15 per month. James Ringrov is building a new hotel, the contract for the building is $186,000, the stone and brick are laid and the roof is on since last September.

I remain yours,


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