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[Welland Telegraph, 17 July 1891]

The Humberstone Glass Works Company has been organized with a capital stock of $30,000 in $100 shares and the following provisional directors: Dr. J.B. Neff and T.F. White, sr., Port Colborne, H.D. Suess, Humberstone, Gerrard Lang and W. Carroll, Buffalo. A number of Port Colborne’s business men are shareholders in the company, and application will be made to-day for a charter with the head office located at Port Colborne. The site for the works has been located just north of the grist mill, and the work of construction will be commenced within three weeks. Messrs. Cronmiller and Suess were in Buffalo on Wednesday in the interest of the company and its final establishment here is settled beyond a doubt, on condition, of course, that the advantage of free site, free fuel and tax exemption, as advertised by the council, be granted.

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