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[Welland Telegraph, 17 April 1891]

“Solid Comfort” is commencing to show signs of life and preparations for the reception of the summer influx are taking definite shape. One of the most important pieces of work is the water works, and Mr. L.G. Carter has been in Toronto this week negotiating for the boiler, engine and pumping machinery.  The engine will be a six horse power, which will be sufficient for the use required of it, and the capacity of the pump in 3,000 gallons per hour. A 200 barrel tank, at an elevation of 70 feet above the lake level, will be kept filled to feed and supply pipes, so that the machinery will not be required to run continuously. From the lake to the pump 500 feet of 3 ½ inch pipe will be uses, and for the mains from the tank 2,500 feet of 2 inch pipe has been contracted for. The work of putting in the system will be begun at once. Two more cottages for Messrs. Nelson and Mara, of Toronto, are going up, a Toronto man having the contract for erection. The kitchen is being enlarged and a childrens’ and servants’ “ordinary” is being added to the dining hall. A large cold storage house is going up and improvements of various kinds are commenced or contemplated in various parts of the grove. Mr. Cole, of Memphis, has disposed of his cottage, the second building on the right of the entrance, to another Memphis gentleman for $1,249, the new member also taking $200 worth of stock in the company. At present Mr. L.G. Carter is overseeing the work going on and it keeps him hustling.

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