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[St. Catharines Journal, 3 July 1856]

INQUEST-On Saturday, the 14th inst., an inquest was held in view of the body of Mr. Jacob Barrick, an elderly farmer long resident in the Township of Wainfleet.

Mr. Barrick was a man of considerable property and some money, though in his habits rather addicted to intemperance.

It appears that on Friday he was seen coming down the tow-path of the Welland Canal Feeder, in company with a Frenchman named Juan Baptiste Kaugey, both of whom had apparently been drinking freely and were quite noisy.

On Saturday the body was found floating in the water, near the Half-Way House, west of Marshville, and, upon being taken out, Mr. Bald was called upon to hold an Inquest as before mentioned. The investigation continued throughout Saturday and Monday, but the precise terms of the verdict we have not learned. From bruises upon Barrick’s face and head, and other circumstances, suspicion attached upon the Frenchman that foul play had been used, which, as we are informed, led to his arrest and commitment to the gaol at Merrittville.-Welland Herald

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