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LETTER TO THE EDITOR – International Falls, Minnesota

February 16th, 1967

The Editor, Lanark Era

Lanark, Ontario

Dear Sir:

Today I had the pleasure of calling on Mrs. George Easton, nee Margaret Miller, daughter of Stuart Miller, to congratulate her on the observance of her 90th birthday, on Feb. 14th.

She was a native of Lanark before the turn of the century; having come to the Rainy River District of North-western Ontario in 1897.

When I was minister of the United Church of Canada in Fort Frances I had many happy visits with Mrs. Easton concerning Lanark and some of the well-known families in that area. My acquaintance of the area was as a young boy when my father the late Rev. Frank Saunders was minister of the Congregational Church at Middleville, Hopetown and Rosetta. -1910. -14.

Mrs. Easton is remarkably well preserved & loves to talk of her pioneering experiences Up until about a year ago she was real active, keeping house for her daughter, , who has a Ladies Wear store in Fort Frances,  However for the last few months she has been confined to bed, but still is bright and cheery. We recalled such names as Rev. Mr. McIntosh, who was a frequent visitor in our home. The Ed Buffins , at whose home I stayed when I tried my entrance examinations in Lanark, the Caldwells, Steads and Langstaffs.

I believe Mr. Eric Somerville use to be blacksmith in your community some years ago. He was one of the older boys in the school at Middleville when I attended there.

Yours truly

Leslie Saunders

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