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Niagara Falls Village News

[Welland Tribune, 26 March 1897]

The sudden death of Dr. Clark of Niagara Falls, N.Y., on Monday evening last, was learned with deep regret here, where the doctor was so well and favorably known. He was a model physician and a true gentleman. His loss will be sorely felt across the river, and a wide circle of friends outside the city join in the universal mourning. He had been a resident of Niagara Falls, for over a quarter century, and was a valued friend of both rich and poor. Deceased was born in Massachusetts in 1841 and served as a surgeon during the American war. One son, Edward G., of the Ontario Silver Works, and two daughters-Elizabeth G, and May G. Clarke, both of Niagara Falls survive. Mrs. Clarke (Ella M. Granger) died some eight years ago. L.McGlashan, who was the doctor’s partner in extensive silver works at Humberstone, Ont., and Muncie, Ind., and Dr. McGarry, who was a close friend of Dr. Clarke’s, feel his death very keenly. The funeral on Wednesday was attended by a representative gathering from the city as well as from Buffalo and surrounding towns and cities.

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