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Niagara Falls Village

[Welland Tribune, 26 March, 1897]

One of the most prominent women in this vicinity passed away at 6 o’clock on Friday evening last in the person of Mary Ford Bush, widow of the late Hon. John T. Bush. Death was caused by dropsy. Mrs. Bush was a daughter of the late Thos. W. Ford of Albany, N.Y., and was in affluent circumstances.  Besides owning valuable property in the United States, Mrs. Bush owned the Clifton house, the family mansion, “Clifton Place,” and other real estate. She would have been 77 years of age had she lived until June next. Her husband died Nov. 10, 1888, aged 79 years. Four daughters survive to mourn the death of a loving mother-Mrs. H. de G. Robinson, Niagara Falls, Mrs. Bissell and Mrs. (Dr.) Lippincott, Pittsburg, and Miss Josephine Bush, Niagara Falls. The interment on Monday was somewhat of a private nature. Rev. Canon Bull, a warm friend of the family conducted the burial service of the English church, and the following young men acted as bearers; Frank Newman, John Mitchell, Harry Dart, John Thomson, George Dart. The remains were laid at rest in All Saints’ church yard, adjoining the grave of the departed husband. Deceased will be greatly missed by a large circle of friends, and especially by many needy persons who received from her such kindly aid. Mrs. Bush was remarkable for unassuming acts of benevolence.

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