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Niagara Falls Village News

[Welland Tribune, 26 March 1897]

Henry Sidney, a much respected colored resident of the village, died on Wednesday morning of progressive paralysis, after a long illness. He leaves three daughters and two sons to mourn his death. Henry Sidney and Alderman Plato came to this country together about 42 years ago. Both were slaves in the southern states, but made a successful escape to Canada. Mr. Sidney told many interesting anecdotes of this dangerous journey to our lines. They were compelled to travel by night and secrete themselves by day. They subsisted almost wholly on green corn, early fruits, etc., that they could gather on the way, and at times were almost famished for want of water. When a light shower of rain fell they would endeavor to catch a few drops by holding out leaves of corn. Both Mr. Sidney and Mr. Plato have prospered in their adopted home, and deceased passes away well respected in the community in which he lived so long. The funeral will take place at 2 p.m. today, at Drummond Hill.

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