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Niagara Falls News

[Welland Tribune, 12 March 1897]

Robert Powley, who shot his wife on Monday across the river, was employed at the construction of the new Grand Trunk bridge. He was in trouble here two years ago for lying in wait to assault a Grand Trunk fireman.  The remains of the poor murdered woman were interred at Fairview on Wednesday.

A TERRIBLE MURDER was perpetrated at Niagara Falls, NY. on Monday night. Robert Prowley, a railroad switchman, forced an entrance into the rooms of his wife with whom he had not been living for over a year, and with an outburst of curses sprang to her bedroom, dragged her from her bed and while holding her down deliberately fired shot after shot from his revolver into her breast. Anyone of them would have been fatal. Powley had been in prison for attempting to kill his wife on a previous occasion, and on getting out, his wife refusing to live with him again, this was his revenge.

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