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Wainfleet News

[Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897]

FATALLY BURNED- Alice Beckett, aged nearly 9 years, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Beckett, was fatally burned on Wednesday evening of last week, resulting in death the following evening.  Between 5 and 6 o’clock in the evening, the little girl and her brother had kindled a fire on the river bank around which to play. While sitting with their backs to the fire the wind blew the flames toward them and the skirt of Alice’s dress was ignited. Naturally the frightened child ran screaming toward the house, 100 yards away with her clothing burning from her body. Her father ran and met her, burning his hands severely in trying to extinguish the flames, and finally ran with the unfortunate child to the river and put out the fire. The little one was not burned about the face, but the heat had penetrated deeply on the back and hips. All possible was done to save her life, but the shock to the nervous system was so severe that recovery was impossible, and twenty-eight hours after the accident death came. The parents have the heartfelt sympathy of the community in their great sorrow. The remains were interred at Dawdy’s cemetery on Sunday, service being conducted at the Fenwick Methodist church by the Rev. J. P. Bell. The funeral was a very large and sympathetic gathering….Mr. and Mrs. Beckett desire to express their heartfelt thanks to friends and neighbors for their kindness and for services rendered during their time of trouble and bereavement.

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