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A word from a special visitor:

Good Afternoon Webmaster The Sisters and myself at the Convent of Less Said have recently come upon your most informative newspaper articles regarding times in early Welland. We at the Convent have spent countless hours perusing the material and find your effort most illuminating. However, in our quest for further enlightenment we have one small question that has us perplexed. Where is Welland?


Mother Superior

Dear Mother Superior

We at www.wellandhistory.ca thank you for your kind comments regarding our site. Welland is a charming city located in the equally charming Niagara Peninsula. If you ever decide to leave your rustic convent and travel here for a scenic tour, we promise the trip will not exceed much over 75 minutes by car from Toronto airport. That is if you are flying in. Our now paved roads are clearly marked and free from the mud of yesteryear. B