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13 September 1989

The Green School was built in 1921 as a temporary school at the corner of Thorold Road and Willson Road on railway property.

Due to the heavy industrialization of Welland, the Brick School on Fitch Street also known as the Red School or Stop 20 School had become overcrowded.

The Green School served Grades 1 to 4 and the Brick School became the Senior School for Grades 5 to 8.

The one-roomed Green School was simple furnished with a piano, desks and benches, blackboards, the teacher’s desk, a potbellied stove, boys and girls cloak rooms and out back two seater outhouses. The warm days the teacher taught lessons in the shade of a nearby orchard. This school was in use until 1948 when a new school was built-namely J.C. Bald.

The Green School was used by the Anglican Church for Bible classes as early as the 1920s’ and occasionally throughout the years. On February 16th, 1947, the first session of St. David’s Church School began in the little Green Schoolhouse.

This school later became a Community Centre and at that time St. David’s Church began holding more regular services which led to the building of St. David’s Church. The school was later moved to Fitch Street in 1953 and became a private residence.

All that remains are fond childhood memories and grateful parishioners at St. David’s Anglican Church.