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Dr William Mingle Comfort (1822-1899)

Dr. Comfort was born on the family homestead in North Pelham on October 23, 1822.

His grandfather Robert E. Comfort purchased a hundred acres from David Secord, land bound by Cream St.,Tice Road, Metler Road, A house and barn were built about 1857.

William Comfort went to local schools. He taught school, then attended Western Reserve College in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1854 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, 1855  received an M.D. He then came to Fonthill and practiced with Dr. John Fraser. He then returned to Western Reserve University to receive a Master Of Arts degree in 1866.

Dr. Comfort then moved to Fenwick, lived in the Diffin Hotel. It still stands on corner of Church and Canboro roads. He was here in 1878.

Dr. Comfort married Margaret Melissa Falconer from East Oxford county They were married April 12, 1859. She was age 36.

They had 3 children. Helen Newell Comfort born April 14,1866 became wife of Rev. J.M. Cameron. She died January 21,1920 and is buried in the North Pelham Cemetery.

Second daughter was Catherine Elizabeth Comfort born August 5, 1861, died February 4, 1921 and is buried in the North Pelham Cemetery.

The third daughter was Grace comfort born August 1,1864, died June 1, 1940 and is buried in the North Pelham cemetery.

His wife Margaret Comfort died June 12, 1872 and is buried in the North Pelham Cemetery.

Dr. Comfort married Azuba Catharine Hutt from Dunnville on October 16, 1877. They had 3 children.

Earle Hampden Comfort born January 1, 1879, died Jan. 22, 1949, buried in North Pelham Cemetery

Edna Eleanor Comfort born 1881 and Echo Elmer born 1882.

Azuba  Catharine Comfort was born Aug 28, 1849 and died June 4, 1921. and is buried in North Pelham Cemetery.

Later in his life Dr. Comfort moved back to the North Pelham homestead and practiced there. He was appointed Medical officer of health

The Comfort maple, about 500 years old was donated to the conservation authority by Dr Comfort’s daughter Miss Edna Comfort.

The family was of United Empire Loyalists from New York State. Dr Comfort’s father donated the land for the First Presbyterian church and Dr. Comfort donated the land for the manse before his death.

Dr. Comfort’s parents were John Book Comfort (1796-1879) and Elizabeth Mingle Comfort (1795-1872)

William Mingle Comfort M.A. M.D. born Oct 23,1822, died Oct 23, 1899. He died of heart failure and is buried in the North Pelham Cemetery.