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Dr. Henry Ryan Haney (1833-1876)

Dr. Haney was the first Doctor in Fenwick. The Haney family came from New Jersey. Isaac Haney in 1789 was near St John’s. He purchased land on Holland Road near Hurricane Road. Isaac was married to Hannah Drake, who was said to be related to Sir Francis Drake.

Isaac’s son was Matthew Haney, he fought in the War of 1812. He married Hannah Mains. Their children were Henry Ryan Haney and Matthew Haney. Both became doctors. There was another brother Stephen. Henry and Matthew went to school in St. John’s. The father Matthew ran a grist mill in St John’s.

Henry Ryan Haney taught school then attended the Faculty of Medicine at Buffalo University, graduating in 1856.His  older brother Matthew attended the same school and graduated in 1851 and settled in Humberstone.

After graduation Henry Ryan Haney moved to Fenwick.

He was inspector of the schools in Pelham, entered politics in 1872 for the riding of Monk, for the Librerals and in 1875 won again.

Dr. Haney’s office and residence was located on Canboro road. It was a two storey home later moved to Ridgeville. In 1979 it was demolished.

In 1878 Dr. Haney was joined by Dr. Birdsall.

On March 2, 1875 Dr. Haney married Charlotte Woods of St. Catharines. They had no children.

Dr. Haney died November 17,1876 at the age of 43. He died from cirrhosis of the liver.

He is buried in Hillside cemetery, Ridgeville beside his father Matthew Haney.