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Dr William Edmond Burgar (1840-1909)

William Burgar was born May 27, 1840. Dr Burgar’s grandparents, Joseph and Anne Burgar came from New Jersey to Canada as United Empire Loyalists in about 1793.

In 1810 they purchased property, the present site of the Woodlawn cemetery, Welland. Original members of the family were buried here but when the third canal was built they were moved to Ridgeville.

Joseph Burgar fought in the War of 1812. For one winter the British troops were accommodated at the Burgar farm

George Burgar, son of Joseph was born on the farm in 1806. Two of his sons survived. J.H. Burgar, a druggist settled in Welland and his brother William a physician. Dr Burgar was tutored by Rev. John Stannage, the first minister of Holy Trinity Church. He attended Queens University and graduated from the faculty of medicine in 1868. He practiced with  Dr. John Fraser in Fonthill. Dr. Burgar moved to Welland and established a practice. He enjoyed horseback ridng  and trained hunting hounds. He once sold a horse to the Governor-General.

At one time he moved to Pennsylvania, where he invested in oil wells but returned to Welland.

He owned the Fortner house on Burgar Street in Welland. In 1889 he sold the house to Dr. Glasgow and moved to Niagara Falls. He operated a drug store. He was injured in a carriage overturn and did not work for two years. In 1899 Dr. Burgar returned to Welland and lived at 204 Niagara Street. He served on the school board, was a medical officer of health.

Dr. Burgar married Mary Lorinda Goss of Welland. She was born October 28, 1858 in Huron County. They were married September 22, 1876 in Welland. They had five children. Della D. Allie Burgar born 1879, died at age two of scarlet fever. Donna Burgar born July 18, 1877 became a nurse. Aubrey Frederick Burgar born September 18, 1882 became a civil engineer. He married Phoebe Ann Shipman August 1, 1903 in Brant.

Erskine Ollie Burgar born October 24, 1880 became an electrical engineer. He married Hazel Grace Gunn on July 8, 1914 in York. There is an indication that he lived in Chicago, U.S.

William Hamilton Burgar was born December 12,1885, he sold real estate in Welland and lived at 204 North Main. He enlisted in the infantry and became a lieutenant and served in France. He was injured. On October 19, 1918 he died of the Spanish influenza and is buried in the family plot in Ridgeville.

Dr. William Edmond Burgar died March 14, 1909. He had angina and died from a fatal seizure. He is buried in Ridgeville.