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Dr. Hugh Park (1852-1935)

Dr. Hugh Park was born November 25, 1852 near Caistorville. There were six children in the family. His parents were James Park and Jane Asher. The Park family can be traced back to England.

Hugh Park graduated from the university of Toronto faculty of medicine in 1875. After graduation Dr. Hugh Park settled in Port Robinson.

He married Minerva Louise McCoppen from Port Robinson on October 23, 1878.

They had nine children. Charles Henry Park born March 20,1880. He was an electrical engineer in St Catharines. He died June 27, 1932 from a perforated appendix.

Arthur Stanley Park was born 1903 and died March 14, 1908.

Frank M. Park was born April 21, 1892, was an accountant, spent some of his life in Buffalo, he died May 28, 1936.

Kathleen Jane Park was born about 1894, she was a nurse. She married John Ludwig Hoffman on November 12, 1925. He was a physician from Buffalo. They resided in Buffalo and had two sons John Hoffman Junior born 1928 and William Hoffman born 1930. Kathleen was a veteran and died in 1936.

Georgina Minerva Park was born November 2, 1889. She married Edwad McCoppen Henderson from Wainfleet on April 11,1916. He was an engineer, they had one son Edward. Georgina died in 1938.

Hugh  Cameron Park was born about 1887. He married Myrtle Maud Caulter. He was a clerk at the steel plant. He died March 18,1924 at the age of 37. His death was related to his military service.

Florence M. Park was born November 2, 1889.

Nellie McFarland Park was born January 3, 1882, she was a nurse. She entered the military in 1916, remained single and lived in Buffalo.

Bertha F. Park was born 1884, remained single , lived in Buffalo and died in 1968 at the age of 84.

In 1917 Dr Hugh Park left Port Robinson and moved to Niagara Falls. He died February 27, 1935.