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Dr. John Emerson Hansler (1860-1924)

The Hanslers were pioneer families of Welland County. George Hansler was born on a ship, 1756, coming to America from Germany. The family lived in New Jersey. George fought in the American Revolution. He was a farmer and tanner. George came to Canada about 1786 as a United Empire Loyalist. He acquired crown land near Twelve Mile Creek. The original Hansler homestead was location of Bissell’s Hideaway, north side of Hansler Road.. The residence was built by Andrew Hansler in 1830, from solid brick made on the property. The Hansler cemetery was also on the property.

Andrew Hansler, son of George was a fruit farmer, deputy Reeve of Pelham. They had six children. John Emerson Hansler was born November 11, 1860. He attended Hansler School, Fonthill Grammer School and St Catharines Academy. He graduated from Toronto Medical School in 1883, He first practiced in Lynden  then moved to Fonthill.

Dr Hansler may have practiced with Dr, Fraser then moved to the Willson home at 90 Canboro Road. He spent the remainder of his life here. The residence is still standing.

Dr, John Emerson Hansler married Wealthea Jane Davis Willson, a widow  on September 15, 1890. She was born May 30, 1860 in Pelham

Wealthea died April 15, 1923 at age 62 of myocardial failure.

Dr. John Emerson Hansler died April 1, 1924 of myocardial failure.