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Dr. Truman Raymond (1783-1861)

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The Raymond family was of English origin. They emigrated from England and settled in the Eastern United States, as early as 1630.

Dr. Truman Raymond was born in Great Barrington Berkshire, Massachusetts on July 16, 1783.

His parents were Lemuel Raymond (1959-1829), born in Connecticut and Hanna Bucknam Underwood (1759-1806) born in Massachusetts.

Dr. Truman Raymond married Elizabeth Dulmage

At the outbreak of the American Revolution, Dr. Truman Raymond joined the British Forces. He came to Canada as a United Empire Loyalist..During the War of 1812 he was stationed in Gananoque as a surgeon , then, moved to Prescott and then to Niagara in 1824. He was appointed surgeon to the First Lincoln Regiment in 1838. By 1840 his family moved to St Catharines. Here he had a highly respected practice.

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Dr. Jacob Harrison Howell (1861-1924)

He was born January 20,1861. His father was Amos Howell of United Empire Loyalists. His mother was Catharine Kline from Germany. Jacob was raised on a farm on Foss Road, east of Haist Road., educated in Fonthill and Welland High school

Jacob taught school then attended Toronto School of Medicine.

Dr. Howell began practice with the firm of Burger & Howell in 1885. He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity. December 28, 1887 he married Julie Josephine Reekie, born 1859. She was from Shedden in Elgin county.

After a year, Dr. Howell left Welland to establish a practice in Shedden. Later he came back to Welland for the remainder of his life.

Dr Howell’s residence and office still stand on the north east corner of Bald and Fraser Streets in Welland. Dr. Howell was the jail surgeon and medical officer of health and served on the school board. He played an important roll in the  construction of the Welland High and Vocational School. Later he served on the Ontario Committee for Crippled Children.

His children were James Harrison Howell born July 28,1892, he was a soldier in World War 1. He became a physician.  On September 20, 1922 he married Lillie Isabel Murray in Frontenac. They lived in Galt.

Dr Howell’s daughter was Helen Doris Howell born  January 29, 1898, another son was Frederick Howell born 1895.

Helen Doris Howell became a Doctor. She accompanied her father in a horse drawn cutter down the old feeder canal to see a patient of Dr. W.B. Hopkins of Wainfleet. After her father’s death Dr. Doris Howell carried on the family practice 1927-1938. She retired from general practice and became a pathologist. She moved to Galt. Dr. Doris Howell died August 9, 2005 in Cambridge Ontario.

Dr. Jacob Harrison Howell died in Welland of a Cerebral Hemorrhage on November 15,1924. He is buried in the Fonthill cemetery.