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[Welland Telegraph, 14 December 1871]

Some little time ago a presumptuous individual, known as Squire Bobby Lamont, a Justice of the Peace, was convicted before the Reeve of this town having forcibly broken into a pound and removed therefrom a number of sheep. He was committed for trial, and for some time was under arrest. Strange to say, at the late General Sessions, the case was not brought forward and upon enquiry we find that it has been settled. How? It is due to inform the public. Will Mr. Hill, our Reeve, be kind enough to afford all particulars relative to this compounding of a felony. Was there a money consideration? How much? And who received it are questions demanding answers.


             Listed in the 1871 Census as a servant in the residence of Abraham Root, livery keeper, Welland, Ontario.

             Miss C. Ackley was seen at Clifton.

[Welland Tribune, 19 October 1871]

 LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Clifton Post Office Nov. 1st, 1871. This indicates that Catherine was not picking up her mail at this location.

 [Welland Telegraph, 23 November 1871]