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Fenwick was named in 1853

By Eleanor Fisher

{Pelham Herald, Progress Edition. Wednesday, April 21, 1982}

As we look back today on the Fenwick of yesterday it is very hard to realize the conditions of the early settlers, many of whom were Quakers who came from Pennsylvania. The name of Fenwick was given to the community on April 1, 1853, and is believed the village took its name from Fenwick the birth place of Dr. John Fraser in Scotland. Dr. Fraser was an important man in the area at that time. He was  Reeve of Pelham from 1850 to 1856 and took an active part in municipal affairs throughout the area. He was once selected Liberal candidate for Welland county in a national election. He refused to stand a second time and concentrated his efforts in the separation of Welland and Lincoln county.

Another member of parliament who came from Fenwick was Dr, Henry Haney. He also served as superintendent of schools of Pelham.

Crown grants of farms where Fenwick is located. were made in 1798 and 1801. One  of the earlier farmers was Mr. Haney. The old Haney house situated on Maple Ave. N.  is now occupied by the A. Lovas Family and is one of the districts oldest dwellings. It is a low, solid brick cottage with fireplaces that have long been closed up. Attached to the house is a long woodshed through which a team of horses, drawing cordwood, could be driven in the old days.

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