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Without stretching the truth beyond a reasonable doubt, I will confess to giving my late canoe partner, Mr. Anonymous, a moderately close near death experience. Truthfully, it was not premeditated; whatever he claimed. Please judge for yourself.

Several years ago there was a secluded parking area, and still may be, on Glass Road just off Gregory Road that had a perfect access site for putting your canoe on the creek. Pointing our bow straight ahead, we travelled through a sea of cattails and marsh area with plenty of opportunity for spotting frogs, turtles and herons at rest. Much of the landscape around the creek was farmland; however, there were many spots to rest for an afternoon picnic without fear of trespassing. On this hour-long paddle, we passed through two tunnels before brought to a halt by a barricade of tree trunks lying across the creek, making further travel impossible. Undaunted by mere obstacles, we pulled ashore and portaged for approximately 25 feet before setting Persnickety, my little red sidekick, safely back in the water. We had a pleasurable short run before arriving at the point of contention that put our canoeing partnership at risk. Rather than portage, I felt we could safely navigate the canoe through a narrow alcove between the logs near the shore. Gravitating toward land, I suddenly decided a pit stop was in order and leaped from the canoe for a moment. Looking over my shoulder, I saw my partner hanging onto a tree branch with the canoe rocking and rolling at a 45-degree angle. Where is my camera when I need it! Attempting to face the situation with a sympathetic approach, I soon saw the dark humour of it all and fell to the ground gasping for air. As Mr. Anonymous put forth great effort to hang on, Persnickety showed very little patience with the situation and tried to heave him into the cool, if somewhat muddy waters of Fifteen Mile Creek. It was a fight to the finish, but pitted against a seventy-five pound fibreglass frame, Mr. Anonymous came out the winner. I climbed into the canoe and we quietly headed back. Another happy ending to our canoe travels.