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Thomas W. Bishop (Ridgeville, Ont)

{Source unknown – Compiled by S}

There is as much real romance in industry as there is in any other walk of life. Underlying many a brief announcement of this or that change in an industrial organization there lies a story of achievement if properly told, would compel the admiration of all who heard. And such stories are by no means infrequent.

Recently announcement was made of the organization of a private corporation, capitalized at one hundred thousand dollars, under the name of the Dominion Concrete Burial Vault and Specialties Company Limited, with the head offices at Fonthill, which has purchased the following well-known firms, together with all of their assets and good-will: The Ridgeville Concrete Works, The Fonthill Concrete Products Company, and the W.H. Brown Marble and Granite business of St Catharines.

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A message from Mother Superior

[4 January 2015]

Good Afternoon Webmaster

The Sisters and myself at the Convent of Less Said wish to extend our heartiest greetings in this the year of 2015. We have been perusing your fine contribution to those interested in the Welland County moments of the past. It is our most humble opinion that these offerings will gather kernels of knowledge as yet unpublished.

Exciting news has aroused the interest of our home with the newspaper clipping of our dear, Dame Edna Everidge, instructing us that she will be appearing in her Farewell Tour in Toronto this April. Our very own Sister Mary JudgeNot, Convent Theatre Critic and local renowned Centenarian +++++, will be travelling to that fair city to witness her final times on the stage. We are certain she will be wonderful and perhaps in her modest way mention us, not that we are suggesting she do so.

Well dear Webmaster, perhaps we will get to Welland this summer. Thank you for your kind correspondence in letting us know where Welland is. Is there perhaps a cloistered establishment where we can stay?

Kind Regards

Mother Superior